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About Sapori di Sardegna

A Love of Good Food, Great People and Local Community

In homage to their love for the Mediterranean’s second-largest island, Pauline and Andrea affectionately named their deli Sapori di Sardegna. This translates as ”the flavours of Sardinia”, and they have proudly stuffed it with Sardinian products and produce.

A Fine Food Romance

Pauline and Andrea met each other over 10 years ago, two years after Andrea came to Australia to study marketing and spend much of his time surfing.
For their honeymoon, Andrea Pinna took Pauline, into the Sardinian mountains to meet shepherds and break bread with them in their huts.
This expedition was as romantic as could be for these who are both mad about Sardinian culture and food. Andrea was born in the capital, Cagliari, and Pauline’s family is originally from the region.
Sapori di Sardegna is filled with san Daniele prosciutto, pancetta stesa (flat pancetta), cacciatorini (small rustic salami), guanciale (cured pork cheek) and wagyu beef bresaola. Additionally they sell a small selection of pecorino, belfiore, provolone, caprino, ricotta, brie di bufala and mozzarella di bufala cheeses. Dotted on dressers salvaged from the homes of friends and family are olive oils, vinegars, pasta, carnaroli rice, Confettura Terra Smeralda jams and charming packets of Leone lozenges.
Tinned tomatoes and passato are in baskets. In the fridge are Giuis juices and Macario soft drinks adorned with funky labels of retro pin-up girls.
They both have experience in hospitality: Pauline ran the kitchen at Gertrude and Alice in Bondi and Andrea worked at a cafe in the city.

Meet Team Sapori


Pauline’s background in retail and hospitality is evidenced by the charming cosy interior of Sapori di Sardegna. You will feel at home immediately, even if that home is a Sardinian one filled with dressers salvaged from the homes of friends and family. You’ll experience Pauline’s generous hospitality as she buzzes around serving and cooking in cucina Sapori.

Andrea came to Australia to study marketing and spend the rest of his time surfing. Nowadays you’ll first experience Andrea’s friendly Sardinian hospitality from behind his expresso machine serving and chatting to the patient crowd milling around waiting for their Italian coffee. Still a keen surfer, he’s catching the waves at Bronte before opening Sapori at 8am.

We open Monday-Tuesday from 8am to 4pm. Wednesdays-Friday we open from 8am until 8pm. Our Saturday hours are 8:30am-3pm. Click here for our menus.

Our delicatessen is stocked with products imported from Sardinia and Italy or made locally in the Sardinian style. Click here to look inside the delicatessen.

We offer Sardinian style catering for corporate and social events, for groups of twelve and up. Click here for more information about Sapori catering.